Narva Ultima 225

Narva Ultima 225


Ultima 225 is the culmination of 3 years research and development conducted by Narva in conjunction with the Swedish manufacturers of the existing Ultima lamps.

The sleek Scandinavian design incorporates the key elements of the Ultima family, combining striking appearance with the latest in high impact materials and lighting technology. This results in a lamp that is not only stylish, but has the strength and performance to suit harsh Australian Conditions.

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When we checked out Narva’s new Ultima 225 Combo kits recently, and read about how well they performed in 4WD magazine tests, we knew they were exactly what we needed to stock. Especially, when the kits come with a complete ‘Plug and Play’ wiring loom that includes a mouse switch, fuse and fuse holder, relay and relay block, and cables insulated with corrugated tubing. There’s even a patented switching box that allows the loom to work on positive or negative wiring.

Each kit contains a pair of Swedish designed Narva Ultima 225 (8.85”) lamps (1 x broad beam, and 1 x pencil beam) featuring aluminum ‘free-form’ technology reflectors, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lenses, polycarbonate ‘see-though’ lens protectors, rotary cup mounting system, and a glare shield at the top of the lamp to screen stray light.

There are three kits:

  1. 225-71700 has 100W globes and clear lenses.
  2. 225-71700BE sports 100W globes and blue lenses, which are claimed to provide a whiter, crisper light. For a limited time, we have either kit available for just $369 (Normally around $440).
  3. The mother-of-all-lights version is the 225-71700HID with 35W globes that produce thee times more light, and provide five times the life expectancy of a standard halogen globe. The 35W globe reduces power Consumption and as the increased colour temperature (4150degreeK) is closer to daylight, it helps reduce eye fatigue that can occur on long journeys. When compared to other HID kits on the market, our price of $1100 is fantastic value for such a high-spec product.


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