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Dampers/Stabilizer – Rancho

Steering dampers act like a shock absorber between a steering rod and suspension linkage or frame. Rancho steering dampers are engineered to operate horizontally, with equal resistance to compression and extension. Damping of the road-induced vibrations, that can travel to the steering wheel, helps reduce drive fatigue and increase safety

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Product Description

What does it do?

Rancho Steering stabilizer are shock absorbers which are specially engineered to operate horizontal. Acting as a horizontal shock absorber, steering stabilizers reduce vibrations that travel thought the steering system to the driver. The result can be increased control, improved safety and reduced driver fatigue.

Where is it made?


What are the features?

One factor that makes a Rancho RS5000 steering damper different from a Rancho RS5000 shock absorber, is the damping style. Rancho shock absorbers are designed to act softer on compression than rebound. It’s a quality feature that best complements the way your 4WD suspension works, and results in a superior on and off-road ride.

Naturally, when it comes to your 4WDs steering, you want equal resistance, or damping, in both directions. The RS5000 steering stabilizer is designed to provide this and the improvement over the stock, or aftermarket unit, previously fitted is usually very noticeable.

Example of ‘thinking outside the box’!

Do I need anything else to install this product?

No, the damper comes with the required bracket kit for installation.

What is the warranty?

3 year/unlimited kilometre.

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