Water Crossings – Serious Business

If you took any notice of the TV ads selling four-wheel-drives, you might think you could plunge into water without concern. Don't believe it. 4WDs aren't boats, and water can get into vital components very easily. Damage can range from water-contaminated wheel bearings to a complete … [Read more...]


Off road driving can be a family fun adventure, but knowing the abilities and limitations of yourself and your vehicle is important when heading out touring with your 4wd. Scratching and damaging the body of your 4wd is not acceptable for most 4wders and in order to go offroad without breaking your … [Read more...]

4×4 Tips: Coping With Sand

As soon as you leave the tarmac and go off-road, you never know what you’re going to get. That’s the fun of it: the unpredictability and sense of adventure. In Australia, you can more or less guarantee you’re going to run into one obstacle: Sand. It’s especially important to know how to drive in … [Read more...]

4WD Handy Hints


There are a number of things you should consider before departing on your 4WD holiday. Whether you are a 4WD veteran or a first timer, these handy hints should assist you in having a safe and exciting holiday. * Always carry 30-50% more food, water and petrol when driving in sandy … [Read more...]

Taking your 4WD into the rough stuff?

Off roading is a great experience, but can be hazardous for both you and your vehicle. These tips will help you avoid problems when out in the rough stuff.   GENERAL Always check the ground ahead if you're unsure. This includes water crossings, mud and sand sections. Constantly … [Read more...]